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Equitable Distribution of Assets & Liabilities

In New Jersey, the law requires that the marital assets and liabilities acquired during a marriage or civil union, with some limited exceptions, be  subject to equitable distribution in a divorce or dissolution.  In New Jersey, equitable distribution does not automatically equate to an equal division, but rather requires the application of equitable principles to the total financial portrait of each case.  As a result, in order to properly assess the equitable distribution of assets and debts in your divorce, our firm is dedicated to assisting you in identifying and understanding the particular assets and debts, analyzing how they were acquired, whether before or during your marriage or civil union so that they may be comprehensively, creatively, and equitably distributed in your divorce or dissolution. 


The attorneys at Legband & D’Onofrio have substantial experience in assessing and evaluating complex and substantial client portfolios in order to ensure that our clients receive a fair and equitable division of their assets and liabilities. 

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