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Image by Giammarco Boscaro
Complex Divorces

Many divorces involve complex issues including, but not limited to, business evaluations, executive compensation, custody evaluations, high-wage earners, vocational assessments, significant assets which may be subject to equitable distribution, perquisites of employment such as restricted shares or stock options, division of pensions and retirement accounts, and related issues.  The issues in each complex case are unique and require an in-depth understanding of how the court will decide these cases and how they can be resolved to avoid the time and expenses associated with litigation. 


Our attorneys have experience litigating and settling complex divorce cases.  If an amicable resolution is not possible, then we will ensure that your legal rights are protected and formulate a solid plan by retaining the necessary and appropriate experts, including forensic accountants, psychologists, psychiatrists, parenting coordinators, tax attorneys, etc., who will assist you and your legal team in obtaining a favorable outcome in the litigation. 

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